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  • Placeholder
    90 m 120 m 150 m 60 m 30 m 0 m

    MVP Ion

    From 15,50

    2.5 speed
    3 glide
    0 turn
    1.5 fade
  • Westside Stag in white, tournament plastic
    90 m 120 m 150 m 60 m 30 m 0 m

    Westside Stag

    From 17,90

    8 speed
    6 glide
    -1 turn
    2 fade
  • Innova Colossus in classic-orange, star plastic
    90 m 120 m 150 m 60 m 30 m 0 m

    Innova Colossus

    From 18,90

    14 speed
    5 glide
    -1 turn
    3 fade
  • MVP Tensor in white, neutron plastic
    90 m 120 m 150 m 60 m 30 m 0 m stillthrowing

    MVP Tensor


    4 speed
    4 glide
    0 turn
    2 fade


  • Sale! Discgolf4you disc retriever front

    Discgolf Disc Retriever


  • Guru SIGR backpack


  • Discgolf4you Towel cotton rPet sublimiert front

    Discgolf4you Towel


  • Disc Rack Europe Lay Up PU coating discs

    Disc Rack Europe Lay Up

    From 49,90

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1. Disc Golf Open in the Pampa

1. Disc Golf Open in the Pampa

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Discgolf Tournament claendar 2024

Discgolf tournament calendar 2024

Welcome to our Discgolf tournament calendar 2024. Here we try to present you all the tournaments in and around Austria. 06.01.: Frozen Stonehill 2024 in Stubičke Toplice (Kroatien) 20.01.: Frosty… Read more »
7 of the best Discgolf YouTube channels

7 of the best Discgolf YouTube channels

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