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    The DiscDots

    take your putting training to a new level.

    You can attach one or more DiscDots to the chains of your basket to create aiming points for your putting workout.

    Many pro players use this accessory. These including Kristin Tattar and Silver Lätt.


    There are three types. First, the “Classic” variant in red, blue, green and yellow.

    The second type are UV dots. They are designed to be particularly bright in the sun. These are available in orange, pink, turquoise, and purple.

    The third and coolest kind are the white glow dots, with which you can mark the basket even at night.

    Do the dots fit all the chains?

    We tried a lot of baskets, and it fit all. The manufacturer states that the DiscDots on some Marksman baskets do not fit.

    According to our tests, the dots also fit the Catchmachines of MagicDiscGolf.

    You don’t have a basket yet? – Look at our baskets.

    What is the best way to transport the DiscDots?

    Take a look at our transportation chains with space for up to 3 dots.


    The Dots are delivered individually and without the transportation chains.


    Here you get to the homepage of the manufacturer.

    Manufacturer - DiscDot

    DiscDots is an American company that produces the well-known putt training aids. The family business is headquartered in Florida.
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