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    The Discgonauts Counting Chain

    is the gadget for a relaxed round of disc golf. So you never have to think about which score to enter again.

    How to use the Counting Chain

    is quite simple. Each time you made a throw, you push one ball down. Should you have received a penalty stroke, you also push a ball down. At the end of the lane, you count the balls you have pushed down and show your score.

    The production

    The ball of wood were threaded by hand on the strings of nylon. From our point of view, the high-quality carabiner deserves special mention. This is also definitely suitable for carrying your DiscDots, towels, etc.


    A portion of the sale price of the Discgonauts counting chain will benefit the N8FIWA Discgonauts. Thereby you support with the purchase the non-profit Discgolf club from Finsterwalde in Germany, with the spreading of Discgolf.


    The product is food safe!

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    Here you come to the N8FIWA Discgonauts.

    Manufacturer - N8FIWA Discgonauts

    The N8FIWA Discgonauts are a disc golf club from Finsterwalde, Germany, founded in 2018. The non-profit association promotes the sport and organizes tournaments.

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