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    A Flight Towel

    is the perfect combination of warm-up and training equipment, with the towel needed for disc golfing.

    What are the parts of the training equipment?

    The product consists of the part of a disc and a towel in which a “bag” is sewn to create more resistance during the swing.

    How is it used?

    The part of the disc is gripped in the Powergrip and loosely swung to warm up. The intensity of the “dry” throws can then be increased.
    The faithful companion is also used during a tournament round to find the right momentum again.
    The towel part can of course be used to dry the discs.


    Click here to go to the homepage of Flight Towel.

    Manufacturer - Flight Towel

    Flight Towel has its headquartered in Turner Oregon and manufactures all kinds of sports products. Their main product is the Flighttowel, which combines a training device for the swing and the towel needed for disc golfing.

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