Friction Gloves


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    Friction Gloves

    are the solution for all kinds of bad conditions.

    Whether you tend to sweaty hands or like the great, steady grip in the rain. The standard friction gloves are your companion on the round.
    One customer stated in the inquiry that the glove’s loss of feeling is compensated for by the great grip, allowing a more controlled game, especially when it rains.

    As soon as the temperatures drop, we recommend the winter version of the gloves. These are a bit thicker, but you still have a good feeling with excellent grip.


    Among our accessories, you will also find other means to help you with wet and sweaty hands.

    Here you come to the manufacturer of the gloves.

    Manufacturer - Friction Gloves

    Friction Gloves LLC is an american company based in Wilsonville, Oregon. The company manufactures special gloves for Discgolf and Ultimate.
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