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    A Good Dog Ground Bounds

    is a great accessory for every disc golfer.

    You always get into the situation of having to throw or putt from your knees. Depending on the surface, this can be more or less uncomfortable. This is exactly where the Ground Bound comes in. You take the neoprene pad out of your bag and place it under your knee. With it, you can even putt or throw on gravel paths or stones while kneeling. But the Ground Bound also helps on soft ground by providing secure grip and hold.

    The additional benefit

    The Good Dog Ground Bound also performs another important task. Looking at the ground bound and reading out loud “Putting is easy!” right before your putt can help you to better prepare yourself mentally for the putt.


    Here you can find many other accessories at Discgolf4you.

    Here you come to the manufacturer, Good Dog Discgolf.

    Technical details

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    Manufacturer - Good Dog Disc Golf

    The company Good Dog Disc Golf is an online retailer and manufacturer specializing in unique and innovative disc golf products. Their goal is to improve the disc golf experience through new and innovative products. Good Dog Disc Golf is headquartered in Austin Texas.
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