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    The Latitude 64° Swift bag

    is our recommended backpack for the price-conscious beginners, but also for the one or the other professional. Due to its reasonable price, the Swift bag is great for beginners but also for advanced users who want to have a smaller light bag.

    It offers the possibility to carry about 17 discs and 2 water bottles. There are also several zipped pockets and snap hooks for e.g. a towel.

    Here is the link to the manufacturer of the Latitude 64° Swift Bag.

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    Latitude 64° Swift sand fractured camoBrown34.9

    Technical details

    Anzahl der verstaubaren Discs:ca. 17
    Anzahl der verstaubaren Wasserflaschen:2
    gezippte Taschen:3

    Manufacturer - Latitude 64°

    Latitude 64° takes its name from the geographic location at 64° latitude of the village of Bergsbyn, from which some very successful disc golfers come. Nearby ther is Skellefteå is also the headquarters on the east coast of Sweden. Latitude 64° is known for its high-quality plastic blends. In addition to its own products, the company also produces the discs of Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs.
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