Prodigy PA-5

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3 speed
4 glide
-2 turn
0.5 fade
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    The Prodigy PA-5 is a understable Putter disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 3, a Glide of 4, a Turn of -2 and a Fade of 0.5 by the manufacturer (Prodigy)

    We have the Prodigy PA-5 in 300, 300 Soft, 350G, 400 and 500 plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Prodigy PA-5 in white, 350g plastic172White350gNoNone14.91
    Prodigy PA-5 in white, 350g plastic173White350gNoNone14.92
    Prodigy PA-5 in blue, 500 plastic169Blue500NoNone18.91
    Prodigy PA-5 in pink, 500 plastic170Pink500NoNone18.91
    Prodigy PA-5 in blue, 500 plastic170Blue500NoNone18.91
    Prodigy PA-5 in white, 300 plastic and first run effect174White300NoFirst-run13.92

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorProdigy Disc
    Approval Date04-04-2022
    Certification No.22-49
    Maximum Weight177.6 g
    Diameter21.4 cm
    Edge depth1.4 cm
    Edge thickness0.9 cm
    Inner edge diameter19.5 cm
    Edge depth / diameter6.5 %
    Edges configuration58.25
    Flexibility6.36 kg

    Manufacturer - Prodigy

    Prodigy Disc was founded with the aim of developing and producing discs that achieve longer flight and better accuracy for players of all skill levels. Prodigy Disc is headquartered in Dalton, Georgia (USA). Prodigy offers all products related to disc golf in high quality. The discs are known for their gripping plastic feel and easy release technology. In 2019, Prodigy released its Ace Line, with each model also available in a glow plastic.


    The 300 Plastic is a slightly harder base plastic that offers great opportunities for beginners, but also for advanced and professional players. It tends to become more unstable (beaten-in) than other plastics faster. Plastic discs offer great slip resistance.

    The 300 Soft plastic is slightly softer than Prodigy's 300 plastic. It offers very good grip, but is already a bit more durable than the 200 plastic. It can be compared to the Zero Medium plastic from Latitude 64°.

    The 350G plastic is the last and hardest base plastic from Prodigy. It can already handle wear and tear well, but is still very grippy. It is often compared to Latitude 64°'s Zero Hard plastic or MVP's Electron Firm plastic.

    Prodigy's 400 plastic is best compared to Innova's Star plastic or Latitude's Gold plastic. It already tolerates moderate use without greatly altering the flight characteristics, but still has good flex and grip.

    The 500 plastic is a harder premium plastic from Prodigy, which already proves particularly good stability. It's probably best compared to Latitude's Opto plastic.
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