Streamline Stabilizer


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3 speed
3.5 glide
0 turn
3 fade
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    The Streamline Stabilizer is a overstable Putter disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 3, a Glide of 3.5, a Turn of 0 and a Fade of 3 by the manufacturer (Streamline)

    We have the Streamline Stabilizer in Neutron plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorStreamline
    Approval Date07-05-2019
    Certification No.19-43
    Maximum Weight176.0 g
    Diameter21.2 cm
    Edge depth1.4 cm
    Edge thickness1.1 cm
    Inner edge diameter18.8 cm
    Edge depth / diameter6.6 %
    Edges configuration56.25
    Flexibility8.75 kg

    Manufacturer - Streamline

    Streamline Discs is another sub-brand of MVP Disc Sports, completing the MVP family. Unlike MVP and Axiom, which focus on gyro technology, Streamline uses only one blend of plastic per disc, but also offers high-quality and durable plastic.