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    The Upper Park Shift Backpack

    is the second-largest backpack of Upper Park Disc Golf. The Upper Park Shift is made of high-quality materials and also offers numerous compartments and bags for the safe storage of small items.

    How many discs fit into the Upper Park Shift?

    Up to 18 discs can be stored in the backpack.

    Unique design

    The Upper Park Shift is designed very differently than other Disc Golf backpacks. The discs are in the back of the bag and in the side pockets. Thanks to its innovative design, it is possible to put down and pick up the backpack comfortably and quickly, which is particularly handy when you have to put it down frequently.  The backpack is supported by a good scaffolding and stands on 4 stable feet. On the back of the bag, you can insert a water bottle. The bottle pocket is sounded by a big velcro where you can put all your patches.


    When designing the backpack, special attention was paid to comfort. The weight of the backpack is only 1.1 kg and is well distributed. The back area is well padded and the shoulder straps wide.

    Rain protection

    Compared to other Discgolf backpacks, Upper Park backpacks always include a rain cover that is easy to install and provides excellent protection for the entire bag and the discs.


    With the Upper Park Shift you get an excellent lightweight backpack, in good quality, that also offers great comfort.



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    Here you come to the manufacturer of the Upper Park Disc Golf backpack.

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    Technical details

    Anzahl an verstaubaren Discs:ca. 18
    Höhe:50 cm
    Breite:43 cm
    Tiefe:25 cm
    Gewicht:1,1 Kg

    Manufacturer - Upper Park Disc Golf

    Upper Park Disc Golf has been known since 2011 for its disc golf bags and accessories with unique style, innovative design and unmatched comfort. The company goes for durability, while being environmental friendly. Upper Park is also known for its lifetime warranty, which can be redeemed whenever something it is not normal wear and tear.

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