Westside Harp

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4 speed
3 glide
0 turn
3 fade
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    The Westside Harp is a overstable Midrange disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 4, a Glide of 3, a Turn of 0 and a Fade of 3 by the manufacturer (Westside)

    We have the Westside Harp in BT Hard, BT Medium, BT Soft, Origio, Tournament, VIP and VIP Ice Orbit plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Westside Harp in classic-orange, vip ice orbit plastic173Classic-orangeVip-ice-orbitNoNone18.91
    Westside Harp in pink, vip ice orbit plastic173PinkVip-ice-orbitNoNone18.94
    Westside Harp in turquoise, vip ice orbit plastic173TurquoiseVip-ice-orbitNoNone18.91
    Westside Harp in classic-orange, vip ice orbit plastic174Classic-orangeVip-ice-orbitNoNone18.92
    Westside Harp in turquoise, vip ice orbit plastic174TurquoiseVip-ice-orbitNoNone18.92
    Westside Harp in yellow, bt soft plastic173YellowBt-softNoNone12.91
    Westside Harp in blue, bt hard plastic173BlueBt-hardNoNone12.93
    Westside Harp in blue, origio plastic173BlueOrigioNoNone10.91
    Westside Harp in yellow, vip plastic174YellowVipNoNone17.92
    Westside Harp in red, vip plastic174RedVipNoNone17.92
    Westside Harp in turquoise, vip plastic174TurquoiseVipNoNone17.91
    Westside Harp in yellow, vip plastic176YellowVipNoNone17.91
    Westside Harp in white, tournament plastic173WhiteTournamentNoNone17.92
    Westside Harp in blue, tournament plastic173BlueTournamentNoNone17.92
    Westside Harp in white, vip plastic174WhiteVipNoNone17.91

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorWestside Golf Discs
    Approval Date28-10-2013
    Certification No.13-67
    Maximum Weight176.0 g
    Diameter21.2 cm
    Edge depth1.4 cm
    Edge thickness1.1 cm
    Inner edge diameter19.0 cm
    Edge depth / diameter6.6 %
    Edges configuration65.00
    Flexibility11.79 kg

    Manufacturer - Westside

    Westside Discs is headquartered at Latitude 64° in Skellefteå, Sweden. Westside Discs offers excellent quality in your products. The discs of Westside Discs are produced by Latitude 64° in Sweden. Westside Discs belongs together with Dynamic Discs and Latitude to the so-called triology.


    The BT Hard plastic ensures optimum flight characteristics and good grip. Unfortunately, you have to make sacrifices in terms of longevity.

    The BT Medium plastic offers great grip even in cold temperatures and feels similar to the BT Hard plastic in warmer temperatures.

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