Züca All-Terrain Frame


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    The Züca All-Terrain Frame

    offers the basis for your new Discgolf-Cart!

    What the Züca Cart capable of?

    The All-Terrain Cart is very stable, you can comfortably bring up to 35 discs to the pitch and also sit on it. The disc capacity can be increased with the saddlebag and the putter bag to well over 50 discs.

    The grip height is manually adjustable, and the cart is equipped with foam tires.


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    Here you get to the website of Züca.


    Technical details

    Maße Frame59,5 x 25,5 x 33 cm
    Maße inkl. Reifen59,5 x 55,5 x 48 cm
    Gewichtca. 6,4 Kg
    Belastbarkeit136 Kg
    max. Höhe inkl. Teleskopgriff129,5 cm

    Manufacturer - Züca

    Züca introduced its first products in 2004 and is originally offered "lockers on wheels" so children could safely and comfortabely carry heavy equipment such as books. Then they entered the field of travelers and airline professionals and after a while they extended to the field of cosmetics, hairdressers and health care. In 2013 Züca was approached by a disc golfer, so they started to look more and more into sports, starting with Discgolf. Since 2015 Züca is actively working in the field of Discgolf and brought out multiple Products.
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