2 years of Discgolf4you

Wow! We stand between it´s already 2 years and it has just been 2 years of Discgolf4you. On the one hand, a lot has happened, but we also remember the stressful time just before we put up the online store back then.

In this blog we want to give you a little review about the last year and an outlook into the next year. Of course, there will be a raffle again.

New location and store

Probably the biggest step was the opening of our store in March of this year.

After a long search we found in November in the ARED-Park in Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn near Leobersdorf directly at the A2 freeway south of Vienna the warehouse with a store and started to move in December.
The new location offers good accessibility from many directions and many new possibilities. So now you can come by and check your products directly in our store. If you are not sure which disc is the right one for you, you can test various discs on a meadow next to our store.

For us, the new location with pallet shelves has also simplified many things. We get deliveries at ground level, are enabled to buy bigger amounts, achieve better prices, which we can also pass on to you.

You can find us now in ARED-Straße 27/Top 5, A-2544 Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn. The easiest way is just to type “Discgolf4you” into Google Maps.

Our regular opening hours are every Tuesday from 12:00 to 18:00. But you can always contact us by phone or mail, and we will make your own opening hours possible!

Team Discgolf4you

Additionally, in 2023 the team Discgolf4you has been enlarged significantly to 9 members.
We are very happy to have extended Niklas’s and Elisabeth’s contract and to have gained so many new talents!
Thank you Nele, Nikolai, Artjom, Jakob, Sascha, Ivan and Andre for the cool cooperation!

This year we will continue to look for new team members. Our clear goal for 2024 is to bring 1-2 new nationalities to the team.

Customer loyalty program

Recently, after a long preparation, we launched our customer loyalty program. Here you can collect Discgolf4you Coins with purchases and recommendations and exchange them for various rewards.

The customer loyalty program will always offer changing rewards and there will be more ways to get Discgolf4you Coins.

If you have any questions or wishes, we would be very happy if you email us to

Discgolf4you Bagtag Challenge

This year, we also started our Discgolf4you Bagtag Challenge. With this, you can spice up every round a bit by playing for the Bagtags. In tournaments, there is a rule that you have to play for the Bagtags if there are 2 or more Bagtag owners in one flight. It is important to enter each round here, as you will receive a raffle ticket for each round before Christmas.

We are overwhelmed by the rush for the challenge and are currently looking for a way to automatically transfer the standings into the list. Therefore, the status is not so up to date, please excuse the inconvenience. If you can help us with this, please email

Here you can find all information about the Discgolf4you Bagtag Challenge.

Tournament sponsoring

In the last year we have sponsored several tournaments and are looking forward to receiving applications for next year as well.

Currently, we are also building a sales installation for our trailer, so in the future it will be easier for us to set up a store booth at tournaments, events or on site at your club.

Own products

Our Drybag is already very well received. Currently, various other products and product ideas are in the works and one or the other will be released in the coming year.

Partner stores

In the past year, we have also expanded our Discgolf4you local store network and are now even represented in Germany.

Mazzetti Regional Lokal, trade Mazzetti-Straße 65a, A-3100 St. Pölten,

Herzl Hut Hochrindl, Zirbenweg 6, A-9571 Hochrindl,

miniMaxi, market 6, D-03238 Finsterwalde

Schumann gas station, Balthasar-Neumann-Straße 43, 91327 Gössweinstein, Germany, Facebook

You can also find all our partner stores on Udisc.

There are already talks to further expand the network of partner stores.

Course construction

We see it as one of our tasks to promote Discgolf sustainably, for this a nationwide supply of courses is necessary. Therefore, we have decided to expand our business area in the direction of project development and course construction.

We see it as crucial not only to put a few baskets in the landscape, but also to work out a concept with the landowners, schools, hotels, guesthouses, pensions, farms, communities and city councils, how disc golf can be used to their advantage.

We will focus on our home base Austria for this project. We are grateful for every tip, every idea and every suggestion. Please feel free to contact us at

Tournament event

Another goal for next year, respectively for 2023, is to organize and hold at least one PDGA C-Tier. Here, a special focus will be on newer and weaker players in the tournaments.

Thank you for the last 2 years!

Here we would like to thank you for your loyalty and support! Without you, all of our successes would not be possible.

Also, this year we have thought of two great thank-yous for you.
First, you can use the coupon code“2yearsofdiscgolf” to get a 10% discount on your next order until 09/08/2023.

In addition, there is again a great competition where you can earn tickets with various actions, from which at least 13 winners will be drawn. Click here to go to the 2 years Discgolf4you giveaway.

We are very much looking forward to our next year and are convinced that together with you, we can achieve even greater goals.

Thank you!

Your Discgolf4you Team

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