Do you want to start playing disc golf or give a gift to a beginner? – Then you’ve come to the right place.

There are many starter sets to buy. Unfortunately, many are not very beginner-friendly. With us you only get starter sets, which we highly recommend.

With most starter sets, you get three discs of a plastic. If you choose our Discgolf4you Mystery starter set, you will get three discs in three different plastic types from three different manufacturers.

If you would like another starter set, please contact us at We would be happy to be able to fulfill your request.

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  • Discgolf Mysterybox von Discgolf4you - lasse dich überraschen

    Discgolf Mysterybox


  • Discgolf4you Mystery starter set von Discgolf4you - lasse dich überraschen

    Discgolf4you mystery starter set


  • Sale! Discmania Starter set Active im Karton

    Discmania starter set


  • Kastaplast Starter set vorne

    Kastaplast starter set


  • MVP Premium Starterset

    MVP Premium Starterset


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