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Attention! The picture is an example picture! You will get no disc printed with a question mark, nor are all discs overmolded.

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    The Discgolf Mystery Disc

    is the perfect way to get surprised.

    Here, you will receive a randomly selected disc from our Mystery Disc Box.

    Which discs can you receive as a Mystery Disc?

    Especially cool colored discs that are difficult to assign.

    Misprints, but we are making sure that the value of the disc exceeds the price of the Mysterydisc.

    Discs where we could only get a very small number of pieces.

    Discs that we are particularly convinced of and therefore want to show you.

    Can I also earn a Mystery Disc?

    From a product value of 150,-€ with an order, you will automatically receive a Mystery Disc for free with your order.

    Commodity value vouchers are excluded from the purchase, when redeeming you will of course get your Mystery Disc.


    If you want a whole box of cool discs, you might be interested in the Discgolf Mysterybox with 7 discs.

    As a beginner, you might be interested in our Mystery Starterset.

    Manufacturer - Discgolf4you

    Discgolf4you – The Discgolf shop for you! Our goal is to provide you with everything you need for disc golf. If a useful product does not yet exist, or we are convinced that we can make it better, we will bring it to market here.

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      Nutzer-54867 (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

      Bewertung ohne Text

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      Nutzer-55667 (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

      No comment

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      Kunde-4245450 (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

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      Johngaard (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

      Bewertung ohne Text

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      Nutzer-61365 (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

      Es wurde eine Axiom Vanish im Neutron Plastic beigelegt – vom Wert allein eine super Mystery Disc

    6. English

      Nutzer-55566 (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

      Ich finde die Scheibe sehr Oberstable. Man kann sie für nur wenige Würfe wirklich verwenden.

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      Nutzer-63217 (via SHOPVOTE) (verified owner)

      Bewertung ohne Text

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