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The Bagtags are discounted by 5€ for the introduction of the Discgolf4you-Bagtag-Challenge.

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    The Discgolf4you Bagtag

    is your ticket to the cool Discgolf4you-Bagtag-Challenge.

    Why should you participate in the Discgolf4you-Bagtag-Challenge?

    This way you can add more excitement to each round, compete with other people, meet new people and win something in a raffle every year.

    Which Bagtag number do you get?

    Bagtags will be posted in ascending order whenever possible.

    How is the Bagtag delivered?

    The Bagtag is supplied together with a steel cable key ring with screw cap. So the tag is easy to attach to your carabiner, zip lock, etc.

    Where are the rules and the current status of the Challenge recorded?

    You can find all the rules in our blog post about the Discgolf4you-Bagtag-Challenge. Please read the rules and only buy a Bagtag if you agree with the rules. By purchasing the bag tag, you automatically agree to abide by the rules.


    Note: Please let us know in the comment of the order if the Bagtag is not for the person mentioned in the order.
    Only 1 bag tag can be purchased per person.

    Technical details

    Size5 cm
    weight40 g
    materialnickle and softemail

    Manufacturer - Discgolf4you

    Discgolf4you – The Discgolf shop for you! Our goal is to provide you with everything you need for disc golf. If a useful product does not yet exist, or we are convinced that we can make it better, we will bring it to market here.

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