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Discgolf4you Bag Tag Challenge


This article is meant to explain the Discgolf4you-Bagtag-Challenge and to show the current status.

Goal of the Discgolf4you-Bagtag-Challenge

Owning the number 1 tag, regularly defending the bag tag, winning cool prizes in the regular giveway.

The rules

  1. Each player must wear the Bagtag visibly on his bag or cart.
  2. Whoever has the higher number can challenge the owner of the lower number bagtag anytime, anywhere.
  3. If two Bagtag owners are in the same flight at a tournament, they will automatically play for the Bagtag.
  4. Both players must be in the same flight. Cross-flight challenges are only allowed after prior explicit agreement.
  5. Whether you play for the pure score, match play, a putting game or any other disc golf related game is a matter of negotiation.
  6. It is also possible to play a doubles-challenge. In this case, all 4 bagtags are played for, whoever had the lower bagtag before the challenge gets the lower one from the group again.
  7. To make the game more interesting, handicaps may be agreed upon by mutual consent.
  8. In case of a tie, the bag tag with the lower number automatically wins.
  9. Each duel must be reported in the provided Google Form to give the participants another draw for the giveaway. For doubles, please enter both names and both bagtag numbers in the form. Here is the link:
  10. By purchasing the Bagtag, you automatically agree to the rules.
  11. Please remember, fun and fairness are the most important, and you can win back your lost bagtag immediately!

How do you get your Bagtag?

You can easily order your Bagtag here in our online store. If possible, the Bagtags will be assigned in ascending order. So normally you get the next lowest available number.

Current status (06.04.2023)

The raffle

With the purchase of the Bagtag you automatically receive a ticket for the raffle. For each reported duel you will automatically receive another raffle ticket. The raffle takes place once a year before Christmas. The raffle is organized by Discgolf4you. The legal process is excluded. The raffle takes place until revoked.


If there are any problems with the form, you are welcome to send us a mail to

If you should lose the Bagtag, you cannot participate in the challenge for the time being, simply contact us, we will find a solution so that you can play again.

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