Discmania P2

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2 speed
3 glide
0 turn
1 fade
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    The Discmania P2 is a stable Putter disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 2, a Glide of 3, a Turn of 0 and a Fade of 1 by the manufacturer (Discmania)

    We have the Discmania P2 in D-Line Flex 1, D-Line Flex 2 and S-Line plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Discmania P2 in purple, s-line plastic173PurpleS-lineNoNone21.9
    Discmania P2 in blue, s-line plastic175BlueS-lineNoNone21.9
    Discmania P2 in white, s-line plastic173WhiteS-lineNoNone21.9
    Discmania P2 in classic-orange, s-line plastic175Classic-orangeS-lineNoNone21.95
    Discmania P2 in grey, s-line plastic173GreyS-lineNoNone21.9
    Discmania P2 in classic-orange, s-line plastic176Classic-orangeS-lineNoNone21.92
    Discmania P2 in grey, s-line plastic174GreyS-lineNoNone21.95
    Discmania P2 in black, s-line plastic174BlackS-lineNoNone21.95
    Discmania P2 in grey, s-line plastic176GreyS-lineNoNone21.91
    Discmania P2 in white, d-line flex 1 plastic176WhiteD-line-flex-1NoNone11.94
    Discmania P2 in blue, d-line flex 2 plastic173BlueD-line-flex-2NoNone11.92
    Discmania P2 in yellow, d-line flex 2 plastic176YellowD-line-flex-2NoNone11.9
    Discmania P2 in white, d-line flex 2 plastic173WhiteD-line-flex-2NoNone11.92

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorDiscmania
    Approval Date06-07-2021
    Certification No.21-78
    Maximum Weight176.0 g
    Diameter21.2 cm
    Edge depth1.6 cm
    Edge thickness1.1 cm
    Inner edge diameter19.0 cm
    Edge depth / diameter7.5 %
    Edges configuration68.75
    Flexibility6.36 kg

    Manufacturer - Discmania

    Discmania offers some of the best disc golf discs on the market and is headquartered in Colorado, USA. Discmania used to produce its products under various other well-known brands (Innova, Latitude 64° and Yikun Discs). In 2021, Discmania opened its first own factory in Skellefteå, Sweden, to become more independent of other companies.


    The D-Line plastic provides good grip, even in wet conditions, and a soft but firm feel in the hand. The flight characteristics change gradually with continued use.

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