Axiom Crave


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6.5 speed
5 glide
-1 turn
1 fade
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    The Axiom Crave is a stable Midrange disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 6.5, a Glide of 5, a Turn of -1 and a Fade of 1 by the manufacturer (Axiom)

    We have the Axiom Crave in Fission, Neutron, Plasma and Proton plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Axiom Crave in blue, proton plastic161BlueProtonNoNone20.91
    Axiom Crave in light-blue, fission plastic165Light-blueFissionNoNone22.91
    Axiom Crave in classic-orange, proton plastic166Classic-orangeProtonNoNone20.91
    Axiom Crave in classic-orange, proton plastic172Classic-orangeProtonNoNone20.92
    Axiom Crave in pink, proton plastic172PinkProtonNoNone20.91
    Axiom Crave in yellow, neutron plastic167YellowNeutronNoNone21.91

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorAxiom Discs
    Approval Date09-03-2014
    Certification No.14-16
    Maximum Weight175.1 g
    Diameter21-Jan cm
    Edge depth1-Jan cm
    Edge thickness1-Jan cm
    Inner edge diameter17-Jan cm
    Edge depth / diameter5-Jan %
    Edges configuration27.75
    FlexibilityJan-00 kg

    Manufacturer - Axiom

    Axiom Discs is a disc golf brand of MVP Disc Sports headquartered in Marlette, Michigan, USA. The manufacturer is known for the production of discs with a ring made of a different plastic than the inner side of the disc. This GYRO® technology influences aerodynamics, linear pulse and angular pulse. This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to tune the discs even better and gives the discs a special longevity. It also provides the opportunity for attractive color combinations.


    MVP's Fission plastic is designed to produce lighter discs with a relatively greater concentration of weight in the edge of the disc. Due to the inclusion of small air bubbles in the core of the disc, total weights of up to only 135 g are thus achieved. This allows players with slower throwing speeds to throw longer lasting and faster discs.

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