Clash Discs Box 2023


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Die Clash Disc Box 2023

consists of the following discs:

  • 1x Double Steady Disc (Mint or Cinnamon)
  • 1x Steady Sage (12/6/-1/3)
  • 1x Steady Guava Prototype (5/5/0/2)
  • 1x Steady Cherry Prototype (5/5/-2/1)
  • 1x Steady Disc Bar Stamp (changes from box to box)
  • 1x Sunny Disc Sound of Disc Golf Stamp (changes from box to box)


Check out the Boxes at Discgolf4you.

Here you can check out the manufacturer der Clash Discs Box 2023.

Technical details

number of Discs6

Manufacturer - Clash Discs

Clash Discs is a Finnish Discgolf manufacturer with a different approach to the production of discs. They have very high competences in producing plastic products. So their main aim is to produce high quality, high consistent products. So every disc will just be available in two colors per plastic per year.

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