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Contains 1 bag, 1 cube that determines the disc and 1 cube that determines the throw.

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    are known from various videos of the pros and now you can spice up your rounds with the cool Disc Golf Gadget.


    There are many variants to use the dice. Here we want to explain one:

    You flip a disc and throw both DiscDices into it. A dice specifies which disc to use. Here you can choose between putter, midrange, dirver, an overstable or an unstable disc. If you roll the DiscDice logo, you can choose a disc.

    The second cube specifies which roll to make. Here you can choose between baking hand, forehand, roller, hyzer and anhyzer. If you roll the DiscDice logo, you are free to choose again.

    Here, either the whole flight sticks to the result, or everyone is allowed to try their luck.

    This is just one way to further game ideas you will find below.


    They are available in Swirly and Glow. Swirly Discs give you a random combination of dice.
    If you order the Glow variant, you will receive two randomly selected phosphorescent cubes.

    More game ideas

    • Only those who have the box stick to the dice.
    • the result is valid for the whole round
    • you may roll the dice again for a stroke penalty

    When the disc cube lands on the DiscDice logo,

    • toss a mini marker
    • throw a disc selected by the flight
    • throw your oldest disc
    • throwing another player’s disc
    • toss a disc of a Flight member

    When the cube lands on the DiscDice logo, you have to

    • Throw a 360 Drive
    • Throw an overhead/Tomahawk/Thumber or a grenade
    • with blindfolded eyes
    • turn you 10 times in a circle before you throw
    • throw a skip
    • or to throw a newly created commando.


    You always tell me a bag, with an explanation card, and a disc and a throw cube.


    This is where you get to the manufacturer.

    Take a look at our other accessories.

    Technical details

    Größe eines Würfels (lxbxh)2x2x2 cm

    Manufacturer - DiscDice

    DiscDice is an American company. The idea of making the game more interesting on the local disc golf course led the founder to develop the disc dice.

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