GRIP eq raincover


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    The Grip eq raincover

    has been specially developed for the corresponding backpacks and therefore fits perfectly. So you are well-equipped for your next round in the rain.

    The fit

    the Grip eq rain cover with the fit X fits the CX1 backpacks, and the XL fits all backpacks of the AX and BX series.

    Further information

    Before the rain cover, do you want to have the backpack with it? Then why don’t you stop by our backpacks?

    Here you come to the manufacturer of the rain cover for the backpacks.

    Manufacturer - GRIPeq

    GRIPeq is one of the best disc golf backpack manufacturers in the world. It was founded in 2009 and has tried to meet all customer requirements right from the start. Grip is particularly known for its good quality and ergonomics.