Smart Coach Pocket Radar incl. Double Mount

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    The Smart Coach Pocket Radar

    is the best radar for sports on the market!

    What can the sports radar be used for?

    The most accurate results are achieved when the radar is positioned behind a catch net and thrown directly at it.

    The device can also be mounted or held slightly at an angle behind the thrower. This makes it possible to measure the speed of a throw while the entire throw can be viewed. In addition, there is the possibility to measure throwing speeds during the round. The radar is used in video productions of various tournaments to measure speeds.

    How can the radar be operated?

    The small handheld device can be easily removed from the supplied belt pocket and is ready for use as you push the big button. To measure, the large button is held down, and the device is pointed in the direction of movement. Then the device specifies the speed, either in mph or Kph.

    There is an app for operating the radar. The connection is established via Bluetooth. With the help of the app, the Smart Coach Pocket Radar can be used in different modes.

    Which measurement modes are available?

    In conjunction with the app, the radar can be used in many modes:

    Auto Stop: press “Start” before each measurement – saving battery
    Continuous: measures again and again and indicates the speed on the screen and via voice output

    What is the greatest strength of the radar?

    In addition to the simple measurement, the radar, when combined with the app on your device with camera, can cut videos from the measurements.

    So a video with a lenght of 6 seconds before the measurement and 2 seconds after the measurement is automatically saved and the speed is displayed.

    How can the device be powered?

    The radar can be easily powered by 2 AAA batteries, but also by a power bank via mini USB port.

    Contents of the pack

    Smart Coach Pocket Radar
    Belt bag
    Hand strap
    2 AAA batteries
    Double Mount

    Discgolf4you sells the radar with the Double Mount bracket of Pocket Radar, as the bracket helps a lot during operation.

    Operating instructions

    Smart Coach Pocket Radar User Manual


    The manufacturer of the radar is Pocket Radar.

    Manufacturer - Pocket Radar

    Pocket Radar manufactures the best portable radar equipment for sports and has its headquartered in Santa Rosa California.

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