Innova Ape

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13 speed
5 glide
0 turn
4 fade
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    The Innova Ape is a overstable Distance Driver disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 13, a Glide of 5, a Turn of 0 and a Fade of 4 by the manufacturer (Innova)

    We have the Innova Ape in Blizzard Champion, Champion and Star plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Innova Ape in classic-orange, champion plastic174Classic-orangeChampionNoNone18.92
    Innova Ape in turquoise, champion plastic174TurquoiseChampionNoNone18.91
    Innova Ape in green, champion plastic174GreenChampionNoNone18.91
    Innova Ape in green, star plastic174GreenStarNoNone19.92
    Innova Ape in grey, champion plastic170GreyChampionNoNone18.91
    Innova Ape in crystal-clear, champion plastic170Crystal-clearChampionNoNone18.91
    Innova Ape in pink, champion plastic171PinkChampionNoNone18.92
    Innova Ape in purple, champion plastic171PurpleChampionNoNone18.93
    Innova Ape in turquoise, champion plastic171TurquoiseChampionNoNone18.91
    Innova Ape in turquoise, champion plastic172TurquoiseChampionNoNone18.91

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorInnova Champion Discs
    Approval Date18-02-2011
    Certification No.11-04
    Maximum Weight175.1 g
    Diameter21.1 cm
    Height1.5 cm
    Edge depth1.2 cm
    Edge thickness2.4 cm
    Inner edge diameter16.2 cm
    Edge depth / diameter5.7 %
    Edges configuration27.75
    Flexibility12.13 kg

    Manufacturer - Innova

    Innova is one of the world’s largest and best known manufacturers of disc golf discs and is based in Ontario, California on the west coast of the USA. The manufacturer offers a complete range of quality discs in many different types of plastic. With the Distroyer, Innova also produces the best-selling Disctype in the world.


    The Blizzard Champion plastic is a lighter form of the Champion plastic. The low weight is achieved by the inclusion of microbubbles in the plastic. The lightweight discs under 135g float for the most part even on the water.

    The Champion plastic is one of Innova's hi-tech plastics. It offers outstanding durability and maintains its flight characteristics even in difficult situations. Champion discs captivate with their translucent look and are usually somewhat more stable than the same molds in other plastics.


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