Latitude 64° Saint Pro


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8 speed
5 glide
-0.5 turn
2 fade
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    The Latitude 64° Saint Pro is a stable Fairway Driver disc.

    It has been assigned a Speed of 8, a Glide of 5, a Turn of -0.5 and a Fade of 2 by the manufacturer (Latitude 64°)

    We have the Latitude 64° Saint Pro in Opto plastic in stock.

    Also note the additional information about the plastic and the manufacturer in the additional information tab.

    Latitude 64° Saint Pro in white, opto plastic176WhiteOptoNoNone17.91
    Latitude 64° Saint Pro in turquoise, opto plastic176TurquoiseOptoNoNone17.91
    Latitude 64° Saint Pro in pink, opto plastic174PinkOptoNoNone17.91
    Latitude 64° Saint Pro in pink, opto plastic173PinkOptoNoNone17.91

    Technical details

    Manufacturer / DistributorLatitude 64°
    Approval Date17-10-2013
    Certification No.13-65
    Maximum Weight176.0 g
    Diameter21.2 cm
    Edge depth1.2 cm
    Edge thickness1.8 cm
    Inner edge diameter17.5 cm
    Edge depth / diameter5.7 %
    Edges configuration33.00
    Flexibility8.16 kg

    Manufacturer - Latitude 64°

    Latitude 64° takes its name from the geographic location at 64° latitude of the village of Bergsbyn, from which some very successful disc golfers come. Nearby ther is Skellefteå is also the headquarters on the east coast of Sweden. Latitude 64° is known for its high-quality plastic blends. In addition to its own products, the company also produces the discs of Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs.


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