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    Know your Throw

    Measure the forces and angles of your throws precisely. Analyze drives, upshots, hyzers, rollers, and more to improve your game. The measurements include release speed, hyzer/anhyzer angle, spin, nose angle, wobble, launch angle, and distance.

    More Than Just Data

    With TechDisc, you can sort and filter your throws based on their facts to make invisible patterns visible. Find the average rotation speed of your forehand and backhand throws with one click. Discover whether your 100 km/h throw is an exception or the rule.

    Simulate Your Throw

    With the TechDisc program, you can simulate throws. You can alter individual throw metrics or disc flight characteristics and simulate the flight path to see what you should work on next. Find the perfect disc for your throw, and answer the question: “Would 5 more km/h or 100 additional RPMs create a longer throw?”

    Who Needs a TechDisc?

    It’s simple! – Every disc golfer. With it, you can easily measure your throws and check what you can improve.

    Every club should have one, as it can be used as a simple tool to significantly improve your club members’ throws!

    Every coach can quickly see where the problems lie using the TechDisc.

    What’s Included in the Package?

    – The TechDisc fixed to a disc (as shown in the picture)
    – A USB to USB-C charging cable
    – The Quick Start Guide (a small booklet with instructions to get started)

    Is the Device Ready to Use Immediately?

    The TechDisc comes pre-charged and is therefore ready to use immediately. Just download the app, press the small blue button, connect, and get started!


    If you only want to measure speed, we recommend our Smart Coach Pocket Radar.

    Visit the TechDisc Manufacturer.


    Technical details

    Weightca. 175 g
    Charging cableUSB C

    Manufacturer - TechDisc

    TechDisc is a data-driven sports technology company. It is dedicated to improving the experience of disc golfers. Their platform allows users to analyze the forces, angles, spins, and other metrics of their throws, and offers insights and tips to improve their game.

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