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    The Bushnell Edge Rangefinder

    is your perfect companion on the Disc Golf Course.

    Whether you’re on a new course or have a location you’ve never had before. With the Bushnell Edge Rangefinder you can measure all distances and height differences to obstacles and to the basket in a short time. In addition, the device also displays the angle and height difference to the target.


    The operation of the rangefinder is just as simple as it is ingenious. There’s a button. When this is pressed, a target circle with a point and a crosshairs appears. If the button is pressed again, the distance and angle to the target are measured and the difference in height is calculated.

    If you want to quickly scan your environment, just hold the button, the crosshairs begin to flash, and the Bushnell Edge Rankfinder updates the measured values 4 times per second.

    Our opinion

    Especially in tournaments, when you have to decide quickly and only have one throw, the Bushnell supports you perfectly. The strengths compared to conventional distance meters are not only the price, but also the ease of use and the fast determination of many distances in SCAN mode. Especially in our sport, measuring the difference in altitude is also a great feature to take your game to the next level.

    Contents of the package

    The product consists of the Bushnell Edge Rangefinder, an appropriate battery and a hand strap for attachment to the rangefinder.


    Here you can download the product data sheet and the user manual of the Bushnell Edge Rangefinder:

    manual Bushnell Edge Rangefinder

    Produktdatenblatt Bushnell Edge Rangefinder


    Here is a blog entry dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of a Bushnell Rangefinder compared to a standard rangefinder.

    Here you will find the website of the manufacturer.

    Technical details

    max. Reichweite275 m / 900 feet
    Messtoleranz+/- 91 cm / 3 ft
    Farbeweiß-grau mit orangen Akzenten
    Objektiv-⌀24 mm
    Gewichtca. 180 g
    Länge110 mm
    Batterie1 Stück CR2 - 3V-Lithiumbatterie (enthalten)

    Manufacturer - Bushnell

    Bushnell manufactures high-performance optics and many other products for nature lovers, golfers and now also for disc golfers. In the disc golf area, the Edge Rangefinder and the disc jockey speaker are currently the main products.
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